Recommended Vendors

Are you choosing the right vendors for your event?

Wedding and just about any event planning is a hectic ordeal. A lot of time and effort goes into making your dream event a reality.

Picking the best vendor is not a simple task. It’s best to interview candidates to find the one that is correctly suited to create your vision and matches your personality. But the reward of finding that perfect match is that you will have one less area to sweat over while making last-minute plans. You are free to trust that your florist will deliver your bouquet on time and that the DJ will have his equipment set up in the reception hall.

Here are some event planning tips to help you hire the ideal vendors for your event, whether it is the Wedding Planner, Florist, DJ, Photographer / Videographer, Band, Caterer, or Decorator:

1) Ask to see evidence of previous jobs. It is nice to give someone a break, but for your wedding you want experience!

2) Make sure your personalities mesh. If you are uptight, then you will want someone flexible to help you. If you are too relaxed, a professional will help you stay focused. Either way, you will need to establish a working relationship with your vendors.

3) Determine the cost. No matter how much you like a vendor, if she is way out of your price range you cannot justify adjusting your budget. So quickly come to terms on how much you can spend and how much they charge.

4) Don’t compromise your vision. A good vendor understands that the bride and groom get final say on all decisions and will work tirelessly to please you. If a vendor is unable to meet one of your demands, it may not be worth hiring him!

5) Make the vendor happy. A happy person is more likely to enjoy his job. If you treat the photographer with kindness, you will end up with an engaged professional taking incredible pictures, making the memories last forever!